With the rise of remote work and telecommuting, more and more people are turning to zoom meetings and video conferences to stay connected with colleagues, clients, and business partners. However, finding a quiet and private space to conduct these meetings can be a challenge, especially if you’re working from home or in an open-plan office.

That’s where the TFT Office Phone Booth comes in. Our acoustic work pod is designed to reduce noise levels and provide a private, soundproof space where you can focus on your work and remain undisturbed during important video calls and Zoom Meetings.

Our Zoom Meeting Use Pro Type Tpod 1plus is perfect for anyone who needs to conduct Zoom Meetings on a daily basis. Equipped with a high-quality camera, microphone, and speaker(Optional), the TFT Office Phone Booth ensures that your voice and image are crystal clear, even in noisy environments.

Product code: TPOD 1 Plus
Product name: Pro Type TPOD 1plus
External Dimension: D1300mm*W1500mm*H2200mm  (51×59×87“)
Frame Material: Aluminum, tempered glass, steel
Frame Color: Blue, white, or customized
Inside wall color: Dark grey, light grey, or customized
Noise Reduction: 30-35 dB
Ventilation: Fresh air system
Power Supply: American Standards, European, British, and German standards, etc.
Voltage: 110-230v
Related service: Logo printed on the frame, privacy glass sticker, barstools available, furniture include table
Application: Phonebooth/meeting room/live broadcast
Space: Office, home, airport, shopping center, restaurant, fitting room, exhibition, event, etc.
Discount policy: If you order more than one unit, you will get a 5% discount on the total amount.
Installation terms: 1. Acoustic pod for one person, recommended DIY, we can provide installation video and guide.
2. Acoustic pod for 2-4 persons, can be DIY or entrusted by our USA local Seattle installation team (charged separately by Seattle Team)

Additional information

Outside Frame Color

Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink

Table Style

Table(White Oak Panel), Table(wood color), Table(white), Electric Adjustable standing desk, No Table


+Stool, No stool


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