Lohko Box Pod is a modular meeting pod for the office, inspired by both nature and Scandinavian design simplicity. These influences help create a peaceful environment which, when complimented with supreme acoustic performance and pod functionality, increases user wellbeing and can help maximise productivity. The meeting pod for the office is freestanding and can be assembled and dismantled easily which means that you can move it and also take it with you if you move. The space inside of the acoustic pod doesn’t come with standard furniture which means that you can use your own or we can help you pick the right seating and tables to have in it. This makes the Lohko Box 2 Pod a product that offers a lot of flexibility, longevity and a great option when considering a meeting pod for the office.

The real wood veneer panels make the Lohko Box Pod range a very attractive and distinctive product. If real wood is not in keeping with your decor then the telephone booth and pods can also be lacquered in other colours. Black and white are a standard option but many other colours are possible.

Need to add more colour? You can do this with the internal acoustic panels which are available in a variety of vibrant colours.

All Lohko pods are equipped with sound-absorbing acoustic features that suppress the sound inside and provides a place for the person inside of the telephone booth to concentrate without any distractions. It is also very difficult for people outside of the booth to hear conversations inside, making it a needed space to find privacy in and around the office. In keeping with the simplistic and clean Scandinavian design, the ventilation ducts are refined positioned subtly so hard to notice. Each Lohko pod is equipped with an air-circulation system that moves air around the pod, maintaining a temperature correlating with the environment outside of the pod. The air-circulation system has a low noise level and can be adjusted by the person inside of the pod.

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2-person, 4-person, 6-person, 8-person


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