Congratulations, you’ve discovered a new soundproof panel acoustic booth!
Create your own space in the office with lightweight acoustic panels designed to allow you to hang sticky notes, posters, and other personal items, while the sound-absorbing design helps to reduce distractions.

1, PET acoustic panels create privacy and avoid visual distractions while absorbing distracting sounds.
2, The unique curved design and original design of the acoustic panel material door help to hide computer screens and cluttered cables, giving you more privacy to work with.
3, The stackable design allows you to posters, notes, and more.
4, Multiple cut-outs for organizing cords.
Easy to move, easy to remove, and easily stored without taking up space.

5, Global Free Shipping( Free By Air Type)

TFT has been working since 2020 on the development of this 100% PET panel acoustic phone booth, which is not only lightweight and mobile but also durable, available in a wide range of colors and at an affordable price, helping to promote the rapid spread of noise-resistant products and giving more commercial scenes the opportunity to use them, away from the unhealthy aspects of space such as noise pollution and energy distraction that are not taken seriously today.


Product code:  FPOD1
Product name:  FELT WALL POD(Door Type)
Materials: 100% PET (Without Power Socket and No Skylight)
Product Size: 860mm*2100mm*30mm  (34×83×1“)
Wheels: 8PCS
Fix Feet: 6PCS
Net Weight: 50kg
Gross Weight: 55kg
Package size: 2050*810*200㎜              (81×32×8“)
Application: Office, shopping mall, hotel lounge, bookstore





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Black, Red, Ultramarine, Grey, Brown


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