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Office Pod Choices we are going to love prefab backyard office shed pod and garden office pod; The fashion of working from home has become increasingly popular in recent years; This is due to a number of reasons, including increased individual entrepreneurship and the development of digital technologies that make it easier than ever before for entrepreneurs with limited space or who want more privacy when we are at work; Our Prefab Backyard Office shed Pod made by the soundproof panels on the surrounding walls allow for easy decoration while also providing privacy in order to work productively without distractions from other noise or activity around the home office, which placed inside of one large pod situated at first glance as if by design but actually isn’t necessary due its hidden nature behind closed doors down an unknown hallway deep within our garden spot outside! Home Office Pods for Maximum Productivity & Focus; This way we can enjoy being outdoors during these lovely summer days with no interruption whatsoever except perhaps some friendly wildlife popping into view now.



External Dimension: 2150mm*2150mm*2300mm   (85×85×91“)
Internal Dimension: 2050mm*2050mm*2150mm   (81×81×85“)
Weight: 600kg
Materials: Steel Base+CFRP+Tempered Privacy Glass+Soundproof Panel+
Fire Rating: B1 Class
Basic Configuration: Lighting,Ventilation,Anti-Mosquito Window,Furniture,Socket,Net Terminal
Features: Solar Optional, Car Air Conditional Optional, Mirror Glass, Cabin Length Optional
Application: Backyard Office Shed Pod, Garden Office Pod, Prefab backyard office
Production Process: Seamless assembly, to prevent water leakage and other sealing issues
UV: 0.024w/m*k, products can be used at -30to 55  outdoor degree
Shipping: Container Full Kit Shipping from Shanghai Port, not disassembled.
Discount policy: If you order more than one unit, you will get a 5% discount on the total amount.
Installation terms: 1. Acoustic pod for one person, recommended DIY, we can provide installation video and guide.
2. Acoustic pod for 2-4 persons, can be DIY or entrusted by our USA local Seattle installation team (charged separately by Seattle Team)


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White Color, Black Color, Colors Optional


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